KnightWorks Consulting, Inc. | KnightWorks Consulting was founded in 2000 as an IT consulting, hosting, and application design firm.
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  • Latest version of Oracle
  • Oracle ODA hardware
  • Experienced Oracle DBAs
  • Refreshes from production of the test environment

  • Robust Firewall security – threat detection
  • Automated Code inspection for security issues

  • Oracle Cloud Backup
  • Off site disaster recovery


What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository at regular intervals. This concept was meant to remove the problem of finding later occurrence of issues in the build lifecycle. Continuous integration requires the developers to have frequent builds. The common practice is that whenever a code commit occurs, a build should be triggered.


Integration of Sonar Cube into the build process allows us to offer reports on duplicated code, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, comments, bugs, and security vulnerabilities.

About KnightWorks Consulting, Inc.

KnightWorks Consulting was founded in 2000 as an IT consulting, hosting, and application design firm. KnightWorks Consulting offers you a comprehensive set of
Internet services. These services include:

Needs assessments

System Design


Database design and support

System Administration


Follow-up support

Our customers include such large companies as International
Paper and major claim processors in the insurance agency.
All of have relied on KnightWorks to provide a high level of
service and satisfaction.

Major Projects include:

eLearning Systems

Security Auditing

Database relocation

Claim system development

Facebook Application hosting

Cloud Gaming

Hadoop Big Data Analysis

AI Research with Google Tensorflow


Internap’s data center located in Secaucus, N.J., is within easy access of the bridges and tunnels into Manhattan,the NJ Turnpike, the Secaucus Junction train station and the New York metropolitan area’s three international airports. One of the most power dense facilities in the region, the New York Metro data center offers plenty of room to grow, utilizing a superior modular design to allow for enhanced flexibility and increased reliability.


KnightWorks Consulting Hosting Facilities


Convenient Location

Plano, TX Located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie as Dallas is sometimes called adjacent to many Fortune 500 companies with convenient access to highways, airports and hotels.

Power Density

Modular UPS units and high-efficiency cooling options enable power density of up to 18kW per rack.

Hybrid Hosting

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Remote Management

View and manage your colocation environment
remotely. Reboot servers, check power utilization and environmental temperature, and monitor bandwidth.


Designed for concurrent maintainability of generators, UPS and cooling modules, maximizing the uptime of your environment.

Carrier Diversity

Robust carrier neutral Meet-Me-Room, including alternative transit and local access options

Low-latency Connectivity

Internap’s multi-homed route optimized Performance IP™ provides links up to 10GB through multiple top-tier carriers. KnightWorks has 20M bandwith through our redundant firewalls..

On-Site Personnel

Data center engineers and technical support staff are on-site 24/7, proactively monitoring facility vitals.


Closed-circuit television systems, 24/7 on-site security personnel and biometric, electronic and key card locks for increased security.